Scott Sueme's Craft

What does craft mean to you?

Craft to me is almost more the act of making than the end product. It's the process and the experience that I associate with the word, the vocation of it, occupation and process.

What does it feel like for you in body and mind when you are painting and designing?

I think there can be a spectrum of emotions, but I would say overall there's a meditative feeling. A processing of emotions. Painting can be a place to think through things, or release emotion, stress or joy. What can be a release of anger or stress, for example, can result in something beautiful. 

How do you get yourself into the rhythm of your craft?

I don't think I have a precise answer for this, I wish there was an exact science for me to prepare myself. It can feel like a struggle at times, and easier at other times. I try to simplify the barriers of entry which helps, I like to have my tools in order and ready to go at all times. Making the work flow more enjoyable and eliminating even tiny obstacles that might distract your focus. 

What impact do you hope the work you do will leave on this world?

I hope my work can allow for an experience with the viewer, one that is new for them as much as the process was for me. That someone will see something in themselves that they didn't before, for example. I try to find a space in my work between ambiguity and focus, The 'Abstract'. I see my paintings as just opening the door, a first step, while the viewer is to walk through it and bring their own experiences. 

Why is mastering craft important?

I think building competency around one particular practice is more challenging than it sounds, but it's also more rewarding when you do so. I wouldn't say it's important for everyone but competency for me brings happiness. When you feel confident around a subject, the process become more enjoyable too. 

In a world that is every changing, every moving, every digitizing, how do you hold on to the show?

Painting! Or generally working with my hands. These are so grounding for me. It's a direct experience in reality that without it, I would be quite irritable. There's times when I notice my stress and mood shift if I haven't painted in awhile, but fill your life with activities and hobbies that don't involve a screen, there's something there for you I promise. 

Why Vancouver? How does this city inspire you?

Vancouver has so much to offer in natural beauty, community, amongst many other things. It's hard to imagine myself anywhere else at this point. I've planted roots here, and feel very lucky to do so. My parents immigrated here and sacrificed a lot for me to be here. I think they made a good decision and I want to reaffirm that decision in a way. I still feel I can grow here, which is important to continue to feel inspired by this place.