Modern simplicity made to last, shaped by traditional craftsmanship

Founded by husband and wife duo, Keith Lau and Josephine Liu, Vancouver-based Noren Studio is a fine jewelry brand whose designs celebrate the intersection of tradition and invention.

Noren’s contemporary and luxury accessories offer an understated beauty and quality construction by honoring time-tested techniques and design principles laid down by previous generations of master goldsmiths in their family; a personal heritage of mastery and unparalleled craftsmanship that has been passed down for the last forty years.

Each piece is designed with intention, with function and purpose founded in our minimalistic and grounded approach to creating fine jewelry. Our approach to design bridges the nature of precious materials with a deep reverence for our creative lineage; it is an expression of inspiring architectural elegance through simplicity and an honoring of this traditional craft.

For Noren, luxury means experimentation. We are humbled that our quest for knowledge is ongoing, driven by the challenge of exploring the bounds of perfection to discover unexpected paths to refinement. We invite you to join this journey with us and look forward to sharing stories through jewelry that we hope inspire moments of connection, meaning, and reflection for you. 

Noren jewelry is an expression of this understanding of modern luxury fused with our dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and deep reverence for our creative lineage.

Leaving our mark without leaving a footprint

Noren jewelry is handcrafted to order in our Vancouver studio. The design process is guided by foundational techniques honed over centuries, preserved by passing on the collected body of knowledge from master to apprentice. We honour this heritage by selecting the best materials, sourced responsibly. Production is kept local and made to order by hand to ensure that each piece meets our high standards, while eliminating the carbon footprint associated with shipping and manufacturing overseas.