Ann Kim's Craft

Tell us a bit about your early forms of creativity and your path to where you are today? 

As a child I remember watching my grandfather work on his Korean calligraphy paintings. I learned from an early age that calligraphy was more than static lettering, there was energy and emotion each stroke. We sketched whenever we were together, and I  carried a sketchbook with me everywhere. After high school I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena then started my career as a graphic designer. After a decade of working as Art Director I left branding to start painting again. 

What was it about painting that drew you to that form of media and expression? What inspires your work?  

I’ve tried various mediums but always come back to painting. I grew up near the beach in California, being near the water has had a lot of influence on my work and how I paint. When I’m swimming or watching the water I feel really present and immersed in the moment.

What does it feel like, in body and in mind, when you're connected to your work? 

When I’m painting I’m always in the moment. Painting is an intimate process and being in solitude helps me reconnect with myself and go deeper into the creative process. The process of creating art overrides the need for verbal communication and allows me to express myself freely.

Are there people close to you who have helped shaped your creative senses?
My mother is a painter, my father worked as an architect and my brother designs cars. I have a lot of creatives in my family so we all speak the same language. I’m grateful for all their support — each one of them have helped shape my creative path to where I am today.

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