When working at a miniature scale as we do in the jewelry world, life is a game of millimetres. Just a couple can make all the difference in fit. Please read our sizing chart to help choose your proper size. We have put together some advice below to lend you a hand.

Ring fitting advice

The ring should feel snug enough such that it does not slip off, but large enough to slide over the knuckle of the finger. For best results, measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are at their warmest.

Bracelet fitting advice

Measure your wrist at the position where you would like it to rest.The bracelets are intended to be worn slightly relaxed, at or a little above the wrist bone. Gently apply equal pressure to both sides of the bracelet to make slight adjustments to the size up or down.

Need help in choosing the right size?

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