Zoë Pawlak's Craft

Please introduce yourself and the work that you do.
My name is Zoë Pawlak and I am a painter and an industrial designer specializing in custom work for interior designers and private clients.

What does craft mean to you?
Craft means someone who is excellent at what they do and always implies a high level of integrity in material use and integrity to me!

What drew you to the mediums that you use now to express your vision and articulate your craft?
I love how fast and free oil can be. I can be fluid and shift and change ideas or direction. It’s nimble and expressive.

How has your craft shaped your relationship / perspective with the world? What has been the most rewarding part about your craft to you?
My painting practice is my teacher. I love that it supports me and my family and staff. It’s been my longest standing teacher besides my parents. 

Why Vancouver? How does this city inspire you?

I’m honestly actually a Montréal/LA girl at heart. I love Vancouver because my PEOPLE are here. It has an entrepreneurial heart and I do love to dip in that cold water! My kids love living here and my family are close.

What aspect of your craft do you find the most challenging and how do you overcome it?
I have a hard time with painting in that it is silent, acquired most often privately and is expensive. I exhibit my work freely and host events and mentor to counter some of these aspects I find challenging with the medium so that my overall practice is more aligned with my values.

What impact do you hope your work leaves on your community? On the industry?
The scope of my career has touched many people's lives. The legacy I leave is one of making excellent work that lasts as long as possible (the opposite of planned obsolescence). I have long lasting relationships with my clients, colleagues and vendors. For me, it’s always: people, people, people. How did you leave them? How do they feel when you’re around them? How did you support them?

Is there something you’re excited about or looking forward to, on the always moving, always evolving journey of your craft?
We are excited about our showroom. It still feels very new. We are excited to be street level and have humans in!